People are frequently asking me, “what are you training for?”  as though my actions must clearly be for some specific event or purpose.  It is true that I have competed in a number of different types of events in the past.  However, the fact is there is no specific event for which I’m training.  My answer to such queries is simple:  I train for life.

Hiking with the family in Grand Teton National Park

I train in a manner that keeps me ready for life’s challenges.  As a martial artist, I am alway’s prepared to defend myself and my family. I can still carry my girls upstairs to tuck them in bed, and all at the same time.  I can enjoy the great pleasures of hiking, skiing, mountain climbing, biking, swimming, and just generally goofing off with my children with impunity to the fear of not being able.

But for me, it’s more than that.  My action is who I am.

To consider ourselves to be a force for change without mastering the ability to transform ourselves as well is a fallacy.  If we don’t have the will to keep our bodies strong, we will always struggle to effect change anywhere else in our lives.  Everything we do in our “physical” realm  impacts our mental and spiritual realms.  Indeed, the idea that they are separate is a fallacious concept as well.

As leaders, parents, and teachers, we all have the responsibility to “Lead by Example.”  There is no other way.  If you wish your students to be fit, you must be fit.  If you hope your children will be healthy, you must make healthy choices yourself.  If you want your children to be smarter than you, you must become smarter as well.

I, for one, am blessed with three beautiful daughters whom I wish to inspire to be the best they can be.  I can only do this by being the best “me” possible.  This is a tough assignment.  I must continually improve as a parent, a husband, a martial artist, and as a citizen in order to lead them to similar aspirations of personal growth.  Of course, the physical training has the added benefit of keeping me healthy and strong enough to be around for them far into the future!

Whatever your reasons are for training, keep up the good fight!  Live righteously, eat healthily, play heartily, and train like a beast!

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